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The Ultimate Fancomic and Doujinshi Listing
welcome to fancomic central

A community made for those fans who want to read fancomics and doujinshi from their favourite series. Every comic you find in here is available to read online, in English, and is free! We try to update often and hope that if you happen to find a fancomic or doujinshi, you'll be kind enough to post a listing here.


1. When posting, please write the name of the comic in the subject line of the post and use this template:

Any post that does not follow the template will not be approved.

2. Tags are only to be used to name the series the fancomic or doujinshi is based off of. If there is more than one series - such as in a crossover - more than one series can be listed.

3. Do not post about comics that are not in English or cannot be found online. The point of this community is to get a listing of all the fancomics and doujinshi that are ONLINE and in ENGLISH, and doing otherwise would be against that.

4. Do not post one-shot gag comics. All fancomics and doujinshi must have at least five pages (including cover pages) to be considered as such. A series or collection of gag comics is fine as long as there are at least five.

5. Please keep the community PG or lower. No swearing or no explicit previews and rate comics so that readers can stay away from the more risqué ones.

6. If a mod has some news to give to the community, they will make a separate post and tag it as !!mod post. Mod notices and listings will be kept separate from each other.

7. If information in a listing changes, don't be afraid of bringing attention to the fact to the author of the listing. We like to keep the information here up-to-date.


1. What type of fancomic/doujinshi can I post?

We define a fancomic/doujinshi as a comic about a series that the author of the comic does not own. Basically, if you can't sell it without the risk of being sued into bankruptcy for copyright infringement, then it's a fancomic. Whether it's hand drawn, rendered digitally, uses sprites, composed entirely of pictures of figurines, whatever, it's still a fancomic and can still be posted here, as long as it fits the criteria found in the rules.

2. What if the fancomic/doujinshi I post a listing for is about a series not on the tag list?

Look up the series on Wikipedia, find the correct spelling of the series, then come back and tag it. When the maintainer looks at your entry and sees the new series, she will add it to the interests section so that other people who like the series can find the community. Remember, if there's more than two series referenced in the comic, be sure to add the multiple series crossover tag.

3. What if I don't have enough information to fill out everything on the post template?

To have a post be approved, you need to know the series information, the link to the website the fancomic or doujinshi is hosted on, and whether or not it is completed at the very least. The title, rating, comic preview, description and comments can all be made up by the poster if necessary. If you cannot find the name of the artist or the writer, leave the spaces blank and write an explanation in the comments saying that you can't find them.

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